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The DisGeek Podcast has a special Announcement. As long as we are here we also have a few news stores of events that happened at the Disneyland Resort this last weekend.



- Since joining this wonderful network and becoming part of the mousechat family. We got the opportunity to meet with some awesome people and more importantly. We have an inside contact.

See this guy we met has a friend, who knows this other guy, who has a cousin, who is the grandson, of this person they know, who is on the board of directors of Disney.

And now that we know this person (who we follow on twitter) I can tell you that we have officially changed our position on the Subs. They are indeed going away forever.

- There has been several earthquakes over the weekend and I’m really worried. Right now at Disneyland there are way too many areas that have cracked sidewalks. And thanks to these recent earthquakes there are probably a ton more. But with the recent total failure, total disaster, biggest cluster in the history of this company, magic bands. Will Disneyland EVER get the budget, to repair these cracks?

- Disney want’s us to share our #DisneySide with them. Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Disney needs to take a cue from Universal Studios where you can show them your #UniversalMoments with them. As usual, Universal show what a superior park they are.

Have you seen the new Despicable Me attraction? You get to sit in a room full of mini simulators and watch a movie. And while to movie plays… The seats move! How awesome is that?

- New Marvel Merchandise - Why do they feel the need to bring Marvel to the parks. Marvel isn’t magical. I never in my entire life thought I’d see the day when I would see a sign that says, “Meet THOR” in disneyland!! The almighty Thor… More like the Almighty dollar!!! Marvel doesn’t belong is disneyland and it just goes to show that all Disney and the bean counters care about is money!!. and being cheap. But if you do like Marvel stuff is now available in the Star Trader at Disneyland, Elias and Company at DCA, and Dstreet in DTD.

- it’s a small world is going to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary. And they want you to celebrate with them. You can submit your video of you singing it’s a small world. If you submit a video they will donate a dollar to UNICEF. Visit

Right now it’s a small world is closed for “refurbishment”. I suspect we will never see it again.

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