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In this episode it's Us vs. Them Haunted Mansion style! We also visit the Main Street News Stand and as always our Tip of the Week.  Click MORE for full show notes.
Main Street Newsstand

Quick Hits 
RunDisney Announces Newest Race: Tinker Bell Half Marathon WTF do they name a foot-race after Tink!? She FLIES!!
Goofy Sky School opens June 3rd
Main Street refurbs continue.  Tarps are up that look like the buildings.
Star Trader got new paint - a purple blueish color and astronaut Micky survived! Shops re-open on May 4th
Over at Little Mermaid, the Scaffolding has been removed from the Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda.  A leftover from Golden Dreams. Revealing a new color scheme of tan, a kinda teal looking color. Doesn't really match little mermaid building so it will be interesting to see if this is going to be used for something different.  Maybe it’s not finished.
Maliboomer Park now open.  Some say it’s ugly, I say who cares it’s temporary 
Star Tours Scaffolding has come down revealing a interesting geometric design and dark purple color scheme.  The new Marque looks sweet!
Shanghi Disneyland officially breaks ground
Feature - Us Vs. Them
Haunted Mansion 
They Have:  Virtual Que, new anis of Hitchhiking Ghosts, New sequence at the end with the mirrors.
We Have: The Original, Haunted Mansion Holiday.
All Things Haunted Mansion -
Tip of the Week
Correction of Last weeks tip
Facebook tip 
Ashley Hodgson
A good Disneyland tip is the free coffee refills at The Market house near the middle of main street. They’ve been giving free coffee refills since 1955 because of Walt and to keep Walt's tradition alive they still continue it. 
Purchase a cup of coffee (regular, decaf, vanilla or hazelnut) and save your receipt. At other food venues, you can get free refills only as long as you’re continuing to dine at the location. You can’t come back later for free refills. That’s a unique deal at Market House only.
Ashley says: We make sure every time we go to Disneyland to get the coffee and it now has become a tradition. I am surprised how many people do not know about it so we love this tip. Keep up the great work on the podcast!!!
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