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In this episode Paul and Daniel take a look at what's on the Drawing Board.  This time it's Carsland! We also visit the Main Street News Stand and as always our Tip of the Week.  Click MORE for full show notes.


Disneyland Closes some attractions due to Pirates Premiere -

The closed features are: Sailing Ship Columbia, Mark Twain Riverboat, Tom Sawyer’s Island, Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes and the Fantasmic! show. The attractions are set to reopen May 12.

Other Attractions shops closed in may are: 

DL - Star Tours, Splash Mountain, Star Trader store, Gadget's Go Coaster ride, Stage Door Cafe and The Golden Horseshoe restaurant.

DCA - Mulholland Madness (Reopening as Goofy’s Sky School), and crews are converting a dining and shopping complex in the Paradise Pier area, which is expected to open this summer


Disney sets up some new crowd control measures in Adventureland, NOS, and Frontierland due to pirate premiere.

The bridge over the Pirates of the Caribbean queue is divided for easier crowd flow.


Disney Blog gives us a look at Ariel’s Wedding Dress (probably to coincide with the Royal Wedding)


Soundsational Sneak Peak - Last week disney filmed a commercial for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and we got a little sneak peak of two floats


Mary Blair Tribute at Disney Gallery - The Art of Mary Blair celebrating 45 years of it’s a small world


Nighttime Entertainment Boosts DCA attendence


Marvel wants IN at Disneyland - “It’s the biggest dream of all” (keep dreaming)


Quick Hits

Main Street Building refurbishments done and look brand spanking new.

Tomorrowland Star Tours Neon now glow a purpleish blue to match the new marquee (used to be orange and red) Buzz has Purple and Green

The Star Tours Mural has been updated to include the Starspeeder 1000

Little Mermaid Marquee up (but covered) & Little mermaid building lights are now on at night (looks amazing)

In DTD Kitson Kids Closed (I never knew it was there!)

Celebrity Spotting in DL over the last few weeks: 

Matt Damon, Hugh Hefner and his wives (he was riding around in an old man scooter) Paris Hilton, Tom Brady



On The Drawing Board - Cars Land


Luigi's Flying Tires


Tip of the Week

Fireworks Viewing - @tommypix

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