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This episode the guys takes a look at the latest Disneyland Rumours. Frozen Christmas stuff in DCA? Marvel Rockin Roller Coaster? Star Wars destroying Toon Town Alderaan style? We discuss it! Plus we our bi-weekly visit to the Main Street Newsstand.

Main Street Newsstand

Finding Nemo Subs lagoon is refilling up!

Also just as a reminder - "Friday, September 26th is the last working day of Fiscal Year 2014 for the cubicle worker that publishes the planning calendars, and thus that shows up as the end date for this fake "refurbishment" that is really just a permanent closure."

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Disneyland Half Marathon is this weekend.

Adventure Trading Company bids farewell

Anna and Elsa's Boutique

D23 Tix now Available

Disneyland Mobile Site

Feature - Latest Disneyland Rumours - August 2014


The new Star Wars expansion would be accessed via the western flanks of Fantasyland beyond the old Skyway station, taking over the Big Thunder Ranch area and extending to the north beyond the railroad tracks. Where Toontown is now would be more expansion and a large show building, not unlike New Orleans Square with the show buildings for Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean stashed unseen behind it.

Now that plan has an E Ticket to go along with the meet n’ greets, in a proposal to put a Marvel themed version of Rock N’ Roller Coaster tucked into the parking lot currently between Tower of Terror and Luigi’s Flying Tires.

Taking a cue from the successful Frozen Summer Fun promotion they pulled together very quickly out at Walt Disney World, a new Frozen offering will be shoehorned into DCA for this Christmas season. Setting up in, you guessed it, the backlot area of DCA’s Hollywoodland, the characters from Frozen will be moving in for the holidays. An indoor ice rink and character meet n’ greet will be installed in Stage 17, while next door the Muppets will go on hiatus (again) and the MuppetVision theater will be repurposed for a small stage show and Frozen sing-along. Frozen décor and set pieces will be plopped down around these two venues and take over some of the existing Mad T Party facilities, and the existing Studio Store nearby will be turned into a Frozen merchandise headquarters. This will create a Frozen miniland of sorts in DCA, and should help take the pressure off the Frozen frenzy currently found in Fantasyland.


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