The DisGeek Podcast - Your Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Daniel and Paul talk Star Tours baby!  Plus latest stuff going on at the resort and parking tips from TommyPix.  Just don't ask Paul to take your photo. You've been warned. 


Disney Soft Opens Star Tours Friday - 

Lines were around the 2 hour mark and the queue extended throughout Tomorrowland and around the Plaza Inn and the end of Main Street.

World of Color added an expanded Pirates of the Caribbean Scene with with material for the new film.  It replaces the Chernabog sequence.

Seating Area and the Information Booth in Sunshine Plaza is completely gone as that area in DCA continue to Transform in Buena Vista Street.

Blue Sky Updates include New Posters for Grizzly River Run, Little Mermaid, and Goofys Sky School

Goofy Sky School Some Animated billboards have gone up

Seaside Souvenirs has a new signage, popcorn lights, and a blue and white awnings.

Corn Dog Castle Reopens

Little Mermaid Walls are now down and cast member previews begin.

Tarps go up at Golden Horseshoe.  Looks like the building. 

Over at Disney Gallery the Mary Blair exhibit we talked about last time is now open

BlackBeard now appears in Pirates

StarTrader Reopens with new look and new star wars merch

Feature (sort of)

Daniel’s Trip report that is a comedy of errors.

Paul’s Trip Report and Star Tours Review

Tip of the week

@Tommypix tell us where we can park it.

May the Force be with you!

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