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Summer Season at the Disneyland Resort has officially begun with the Soundsational Summer promotion.  Of course this means the opening of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, The Little Mermaid: Arial's Undersea Adventure, Goofy’s Sky School, and Mickey’s Soundsational parade.  While Goofy’s is not quite ready for prime time yet, everything else is and we have seen it all.  So keep on listening and hear what we think of these new attractions.


Disneyland’s Wally Boag Dies at Age 90

Disneyland’s Betty Taylor at Age 91

Special Discounts for Southerns California Residents at Disneyland this Summer

New Updates Make Disneyland Hotel Better than Ever

E3 Microsoft Press Conference they announced “Disneyland Adventures” for Kinect

Mission Tortilla is Officially Closed.  Rumour has it that Ghirardelli’s (The Chocolate Company) will replace it. 

And of Course Star Tours, Little Mermaid, and Mickey Soundsational Parade now officially open.

Star Tours

On opening morning, the queue for the attraction stretched from the entrance of Tomorrowland, filled the central plaza and stretched down Main Street, U.S.A. Following the attraction's opening around noon, the line moved off Main Street, but still ranged between two to four hours throughout the day.

Little Mermaid

Also on Thursday, Disney officially opened the new Little Mermaid attraction in California Adventure. The event included a live performance by the voice of Ariel herself, Jodi Benson along with Sherie Rene Scott who portrays Ursula in Broadway's "The Little Mermaid" show. Also in attendance was the original voice of Ursula, actress Pat Carroll.

Following Thursday's grand opening, the rush to experience the new attraction was felt Friday morning as eager guests filled a massive extended queue that wound its way throughout Paradise Park, along Grizzly Trail and into the park's entryway, Sunshine Plaza.


Soundsational Summer is officially underway with Star Tours, Little Mermaid, and Mickey’s Soundsational parade now open.  We’ve seen it all and we will share our thoughts.

Paul Rode Star Tours again and Daniel got to ride 4 times.  Does the whole Multiple Destinations hold up?

Daniel and Paul's review of Little Mermaid - Arials Undersea Adventure.

Daniel and Pail’s review of Mickey Soundsational Parade.

Tip of the week with TommyPix. 

Places at the DL Resort to cool off


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