The DisGeek Podcast - Your Guide to the Disneyland Resort

In this episode we talk about the all new Shanghai Disneyland and the new attractions we have seen so far on video. We also talk about Frozen Live at the Hyperion, $1 popcorn, and babies.


Frozen Live at the Hyperion Opens

Annual Passholders Enjoy a Limited - Time Offer for $1.00 and $1.00 Sipper refills

Mad T has been replaced with Jammin’ in the Backlot.

The Skyway Chalet to be removed according to a permit.

Turtle Talk with Crush now features characters from Finding Dory.

Disney to Stop Printing Disney Dollars

Main Topic

Shanghai Disneyland soft opens

A few interesting stories that came out about shanghai.

Shanghai Disneyland etiquette guide

Wanda Group vows to stop disney

Food is to expensive




First Look Soft Opening - This video was originally on YouKu, a chinese YouTube. It looks like it got taken down but luckily this guy took it.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sorin’ Around the World - Taken from the above First Look Video

Tron Light Cycle Power Run

Peter Pan

Mickey’s Storybook Express

Shanghai Disneyland Once Upon A Time Adventure

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