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The DisGeek Crew explore the 5 Senses of Fantasyland. Sights, Sounds, Tastes, Smells, and Feelings. We also visit the Main Street Newsstand and have a listener tip.


Smokejumpers Grill Now Open


Some Bling is starting to show up on the castle

New Menu at Jolly Holiday

Tuna Salad Sandwich -VIDEO REVIEW



White Chocolate Mousse Whoopee Pie

White Chocolate Mousse Whoopee Pie


Return of the Mediterranean inspired menu at Paradise Garden Grill in DCA

Paradise Garden Grill Menu


Old Menu


Disney March Madness Brackets

Disneyland 60th Anniversary 24 Hour Party Announced

Pinocchio Marionette Lego

TOT Lobby Tour






5 Senses of Fantasyland


Sight - The Castle

Sounds - Matterhorn

Smells - Turkey Legs

Taste - Churros

Feelings - Makes me feel like a kid again.


Sight - Matterhorn (preferably at sunrise)
Sounds - the roar of the yeti

Smells - It’s a small world Holland candy at Christmas time

Taste - Apple Strudel at the Troubadour Tavern

Feelings - The apple you touch in the queue for Snow White’s Scary Adventures


Sight - It’s a Small World
Sounds - Mickey and the Magical Map

Smells - Bacon from BLT Flatbread at Pinocchio’s Village Haus

Taste - Turkey Legs

Feelings - Love

Tips for listeners

Hi Guys,

I really enjoy your podcast and it has been invaluable in helping my husband and I plan our first trip to Disneyland this spring (especially the episode on romantic spots!). This will be our first Disney trip sans kids since our honeymoon at WDW 11 years ago.

We are from Michigan and therefore our internal clocks with be 3 hours off! I found out that the Jolly Holiday Bakery serves lunch at 10:30am (1:30pm our time). Is there a restaurant you can recommend in DCA that serves lunch early or should we just do breakfast for lunch? If so, which one?

Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated!

~ Jenn

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta - 10:00 am


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