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In this episode we get all microscopic as Daniel and Paul pay tribute to Adventures Thru Innerspace.  We also visit the Main Street News Stand and as always our Tip of the Week.


DCA Animation Building screens reopen.
New scenes include: Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille, Lelo and Stitch, Up, Tangled, Cars.

Disney Jr. Reopens (With Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

Pirates Preview debuts

New Pirates Merchandise (outfits) on sale

Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides Premiere at DL on May 7

Hungry Bear Re-Opens with new menu


Quick Hits

In California Adventure, a new Cars 2 character meet-and-greet with Lightning McQueen and Mater has sprung up along the Cars Land construction walls near A Bug's Land. The Cars now appear here for photos instead of their former location in Condor Flats.

Over at Little Mermaid some new trees has appeared at the entrance to provie shade for guest as they wait in line.

In Tomorrowland  the Main Entrance to Innoventions is closed.  Guest scan now enter through a temporary entrance locaded the the exit ramp.

Feature (Graveyard)

Adventure Thru Inner Space


Tip of the Week

Very Quick tip.  All of the stores in Main Street are connected inside.  So if you want to exit (or enter) the park while a parade or fireworks are going on, just walk through the stores.

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In this episode, we talk D23 Member Mixer and Paul sees World of Color for the first time and wants to know what the devil is going on!  We also visit the Main Street Newsstand and as always our tip of the week.


Disneyland visitors can see an exclusive 3D movie clip of the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” film starting March 25

Disney Parks Blog post video about the impressive Ursula Anamatronic

Disney Teaming Toy Story Stars Tom Hanks And Tim Allen For 'Jungle Cruise'

Talking Mickey Tests Continue at ToonTown

New Stores Set to Open in Downtown Disney


Quick Hits: Names World of Color Best new Theme Park show of 2010 in their readers choice awards

DCA Removed the scaffolding off the little mermaid revealing the front of the building

Critter Country reopens although Splash Mountain and Hungry Bear restaurant remain closed

Over in Tomorrowland, walls are down around the new UFO Disney Vacation Club booth. Looks Cool.

Pan Pacific Auditorium Themed DCA Entrance has now gone vertical.

Disney Jr. Live on Stage Signage appears including new, “Disney Theatre” marquee signage



D23 2nd year anniversary Member Mixer & Paul seeing World of Color for the first time.


Tip of the Week

Viewing Fantasmic!

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In this episode, everything is Food Food Food! Daniel and Paul also visit the Main Street News Stand and go over the latest news, and as always, a very explosive tip of the week.


Carthy Circle Theatre will be a restaurant

Opening Dates for Ariel, Star Tours, and Soundsational!

Disneyland plans to change Fastpass rides

Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sams to Join Disneyland Hotel this spring

King Triton Statue has been placed atop Little Mermaid Building

FFW - Mardi Gras New Menu items



Disney Parks Blog Post - Our Favorite Dishes


Tip of the Week Viewing Disneyland Fireworks

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