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In this episode, Daniel, Tommy, and Chris wonder, if Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will be dumbed down. Also, Tommy is going to the Oggie Boogie Bash and we search the internet for some tips.

Oggie Boogie Bash Tips

  • Enter Disney California Adventure 3 hours before the event, and do attractions at your leisure. Prioritize Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark and the Cars Land “Haul-O-Ween” seasonal attraction overlays if you want some Halloween fun.
  • If Halloween character meet & greets are a priority, do the ones around Carthay Circle starting 1 hour before the official Oogie Boogie Bash Halloween Party start time.
  • Line up for Kingdom Hearts, Disney Afternoon, or Classic Disney Friends meet & greets immediately before the official party start time.
  • Finish character meet & greets thirty minutes before the Frightfully Fun Parade steps off.
  • Grab a parade spot near Paradise Garden Park for a low crowds location or facing Carthay Circle Theater for a photogenic spot.
  • After the Frightfully Fun Parade, rush to the next high-priority meet & greet you missed or Villains Grove Trail at Redwood Creek.
  • Do the Treat Trails, prioritizing Oogie Boogie, Mad Hatter, and Dr. Facilier (all of whom are in Hollywood Land).
  • Grab a front zone viewing spot for World of Color – Villainous by entering near Golden Zephyr roughly 30 minutes before the second showing.



Will Galaxy’s Edge be dumbed down?

Menu name Changes

Reversed the Decision

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It's Minisode time and in this one, we talk about the Walt Disney World Skyliner kerfuffle, Epcot Forever, and the executive shuffle for Disney Parks.


Disney Skyliner Accident

Epcot Forever Review

Disney Parks Executive Shuffle

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