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In this episode we have our Imagineering Legends segment featuring Marc Davis.  This is Part 1 of a 2 part series where discuss Davis's early days as a Disney Animator.  We also visit the Main Street Newsstand, whine about stuff in Just Sayin' and of course, Our Tip of the Week.


Princess Fantasy Faire may NOT happen?

Merida from the new Disney / Pixar film BRAVE is coming to Disney Parks.

Goofy Presents The Art of Vacationing

Disney Paks blog reveals Streetmasphere for Buena Vista Street

AP Cars Land and Buena Vista Street Mech Event (Included preview of BVS CM Costumes.)

MadTParty Merch preview (at same event above)

Attraction Poster Merch arrives at DCA

Red Car Trolley Tests at DCA

You can also see the “powerlines” above hollywoodland..

Just Sayin’
Mice Chat says that the costumes for Mad T Party is “Gangster Style”

Dusty later says, “Mad T Party has some unfortunate drug references built into the name and gang inspired costuming.”


Avengers Monorail at WDW?

Lots of people think it looks cool.  Are these the same people who hated the idea of Marvel in the Parks?  I’m just glad it’s there and not here...

Imagineering Legends - Marc Davis Part 1

Tip of the Week
Power Walk through DCA for hotel guests


Know The Mouse
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