The DisGeek Podcast - Your Guide to the Disneyland Resort

The DisGeek crew discuss the Five Senses of Disneyland. We explore our favorite sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings of Critter Country. And we do it Gungnam Style! We also have the latest news at the Main Street Newsstand and of course, our Tip of the Week.

Halloween Time is here

Halloween Facts

Halloween Carnival and Roundup

French Market Menu

FrankWinnie 4d preview and Art of Frankenweenie is now open

FastPass Machines removed from Radiator Springs Racers and has become a permanent stroller parking area.

Oswald Stuff is coming to DLR

Free Glow in the show Ears with 50 bucks purchase

BVS Window Treatments, Drink Cups, and Napkins


5 Senses of Disneyland - Critter Country

Tip of the Week
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