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In this episode Connie Moreno form the Disneyland Gazette and Paul Hale from the Disney Story Origins stop by and fill in for a vacationing Tommy and Chris. We celebrate the five senses of Carsland and we visit the Main Street Newsstand.


Legends of Frontierland interactive experience

Discover Disney California Adventure Tour (Tickets are $109 per guest)

Capt Eo is gone but is it gone for good? The marquee has been removed. Disney parks blog says “expecting to return” but rumours state it’s not returning.

I spoke to Big Bubba from Sorcerer radio and HE spoke to cast members on the final night and they said that they didn’t know if it was returning.

Frozen pre-parade has begun. It only runs for the first performance of Mickey’s Soundsational parade.


Disney’s Marketplace co-op

5 Senses of Disneyland (DCA edition!)

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