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In our very first episode of The Universal Geek Podcast we tackle the latest news reports coming out of Universal Studios Hollywood. Jae has a review of one of Universal's most popular restaurants, Panda Express. We also visit the Upper Lot Newsstand and Tommy has his Tip of the Week!




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Restaurant Review


The best word to describe eating at Panda Express in Universal Studios is WOW! It’s located near the Jurassic Park ride, so it’s easy to find. There are two lines to make the service go quickly. However, this is a popular place, so expect a wait.

Panda Express labels itself as “Gourmet Chinese Food.” So, right off the bat you know you’re going to be served dishes better than what you get at Disneyland. Lucky Fortune Cookery, are you listening?

There are only 4 different entrées available, so it’s super simple to make a choice:

Orange Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken
Broccoli Beef
Beijing Beef

First off, they give you generous amounts of Chow Mein and Fried Rice. What better way to fuel your theme park adventure than a Mega Carb Load? Mix the two up and it’s like there’s Starch Party in your mouth!

Their famous Orange Chicken is a sweet and salty sensation. The glaze coating is sweet and sticky, with fruity notes of artificial orange flavor. Those fried chicken parts are crispy on the outside with a chewy texture inside. One of the most enjoyable aspects about this dish is not knowing what you’re eating. Is it white meat, is it dark meat, or how about some other part of the chicken? It’s like a fun guessing game. No wonder it’s their number 1 seller everywhere.

Don’t sleep on the Kung Pao Chicken though. Everyone needs salt in their diet, right?. It’s an essential nutrient for human beings. This dish is just the ticket. At 970mg of sodium per serving, this provides almost half your recommended daily intake. It’s like licking a salt tablet in a good way.

Then there’s the Broccoli Beef. The wonderful thing about this entrée is that when it goes in your mouth, everything pretty much tastes the same. Sure, there are some textural differences. But the sauce makes it challenging to know where the beef begins and the broccoli ends. You get your veggie intake without even knowing it! This is the perfect dish if you’re one of those people who don’t like broccoli.

I must admit, I haven’t tried the Beijing Beef yet. However, based on the fact that Panda Express is Gourmet Chinese Food, I can only imagine the flavors!

The cost for a 2-item plate is $10. Sure, it may sound expensive but you’re getting a premium gourmet meal here. Also, be prepared for to wait. This place is very popular. It takes about about 20-minutes to find a seat and there are no tables indoors.

Oh, and on days when the park closes at 6pm, this place shuts its doors at 4pm. So, plan your day accordingly. You don’t want to miss out on all the Gourmet Chinese Food.

One last thing: Ignore the 1-star overall rating on Yelp. Those people are obviously Disneyland spies who are jealous of Universal Studios having Panda Express on property. That’s it for my review, thanks for listening!

Tip of the Week
How to cure a headache from 3D movies.

Transformers: The Ride 3D
King Kong 3D
Despicable Me 3D Attraction
Shrek 4D
and the Upcoming Fast and Furious - Supercharged! (in 3D)

Bring Advil and/or Take a plastic bag

Happy April Fools Day :)


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