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The DisGeek Podcast 121 - Pokémon Go Tips for Disneyland

In this episode we are grabbing our smartphone and playing Pokémon Go at Disneyland! Looking for the best tips and tricks to play this game? Then look no farther! This and the latest news to come out of the Disneyland Resort.

Note: We recorded this episode before the news of Guardians of the Galaxy - Breakout. We will discuss this in detail next episode.


Big thanks to Jason for Donating a mic for Jess

Disneyland Turns 61!

New Starbucks at DTD

Halloween Time!

Disneyland Guests Get a Peek at Star Wars Land

D23 2017 Tix now available

Light up Singing Elsa Dress


Pokémon Go at Disneyland!

What is it? - alternate reality game that allows you to become a part of the Pokémon world. Catch Pokémon in the real world.

General Strategies

  • Walk around - don’t stay in one place
  • Visit heavily populated areas
  • Drop lures

Strategies for Disneyland

  • Visit different areas of the park - different Pokémon near water for example
  • Bring extra chargers with you - Disneyland kills your battery and the game kills it fast
  • Talk with fellow guests playing the game - many will tell you what they find and where
  • Get there fast! Pokémon leave quickly
  • When you see a large group of people just standing in an area, that is a good sign that a rare Pokémon is in the area!
  • Use your eggs frequently
  • Embrace the game - play with your family


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In this episode the DisGeek crew layout their favorite Disneyland Hacks. These little tips and tricks will make your stay better and save you a little money. We also talk about that 60th anniversary fireworks rumor and much more.


New rumor regarding 60th anniversary fireworks going away

Disney offering a ‘Frozen Live at the Hyperion’ Pre-Show packages.

Disney plans to add luxury hotel at Disneyland Resort

Main Topic

Our favorite Disneyland Hacks.

  • Buy disney gift cards at Target using the target Red Card. Save 5%! 5% doesn’t sound link much, but those gift cards are valid all over the place. Every little bit helps.


  • When you go to Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, or Pirates put your phone on Airplane mode. Those attractions go underground and your battery will drain faster looking for a signal.


  • Check all the wait times via the info boots or the Disneyland app - The app shows not only the wait time, but the fastpass return time as well.


  • Get free water - At a sit down restaurant. Like Pizza Port or Rancho. Grab a big cup and fill it with water at the soda dispenser. If you tell the cast member at the register it is water they will let your through. If you go to counter service and ask for a cup of ice water, they will give it to you, but it’s in a really small cups. On super hot days they actually have ice water ready for you. Also there are filtered water stations throughout the park if you want to fill out your water bottle (Pizza Port, Mint Julep bar and Rancho).


  • Haunted Mansion - Be the first out of the Stretching room. Look for the wall with a slight gap, that’s the elevator doors.


  • 2nd Rope Drop at fantasyland. - Stand in front of King Arthur Carrousel during the fireworks. Soon as it is over they drop that rope and boom, instant access to fantasyland attractions (peter pan, mr. toad, etc.)


  • Corn Dogs - You can get a corndog at the Stage Door Cafe, It’s the same as the Red Wagon and a little bit cheaper. If you get it ala carte it’s 5.99 (instead of 8.75 at the wagon)


  • Dole Whip line inside the Enchanted Tiki Room is ALWAYS much shorter.


  • Park on Berry Ave. - Closest neighborhood parking about 10 min walk or there is a shuttle at the Hotel Menage across the street.


Meet and greet with The DisGeek Podcast and the Earvengers at Walt Disney World.

Located at the Ale & Compass Lounge on Aug 27th at 6PM. Located at the Yacht Club Resort.


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