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Where the Hell Are We?  

Join Tommy, Chris, and Daniel at Disneyland and guy where they are at

The 9 News Nuggets You DON’T Need to Know

  1. Al Lutz to get a window on Main Street - Mainstret

  1. Victoria Secret to take over the Old Wizard of Bras store. Bringing Sexy Back

  1. Disney Announces a new Green initiative.  Rain ponchos no longer plastic but now paper.  If you want plastic you have to pay extra.  Sunshine of your love

  1. A new survey has gone out via email to select Annual Passholders.  Seems they are asking questions seeing if there is an interest in a new land based on The Black Hole. Theme from the black hole

  1. Limited Time Magic - Old Friends Week, bringing back former Disneyland President’s Paul Pressler, Cynthia Harris, Michael Eisner for a once in a lifetime chance for them to muck up the parks for a week with plush, maintenance cutbacks, and McDonald french fries for $6.00 a serving. Thriftshop

  1. The highly popular Disney Channel show, “A Dog with a Blog” will be arriving to Innoventions replacing the home of the future, formerly sponsored by Microsoft. The exhibit will now replicate the home of the show’s star, Stan the dog, It will now be sponsored by Google and they will be promoting their blog site, on multiple computer screens so that guests can start their own blogs. Who let the dogs out

  1. Do you follow @DCAToday and @DisneylandToday on Twitter? Get ready for @DTDToday! This new Twitter handle will give you the latest up to the minute information on food, drink, and merchandise purchasing opportunities in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort. They will also give you real-time status wait times on the Mickey & Friends parking trams - so there is no need to guess if you should wait for a tram or walk back the mile to the parking structure anymore! Don’t like crowds in DTD? They will start posting crowd levels starting April 1st. Categories include: Quinceaneras, Post-Prom Teenagers, and Families wearing the Same T-Shirts. Tiki Room “tweet tweet”

  1. Merchandise is returning to the windows of Buena Vista Street! After short, but terse struggle between WDI and DCA merchandising department. DCA has won the battle and we can expect more plush, keychains and other plastic doohickeys that have nothing to do with the motif and era of BVS. When Andy Castro of MiceAge heard this, he had a stroke. - Window Shopping

  2. With the success of Cars Land, Pixar is pushing WDI to come up with a concept theme park land based upon their movie WALL-E. Ride ideas include a “guests on floating ECV’s adventure through the spaceship Axiom; and a Fred Willard animatronic takes guest on a journey through an scortched Earth asking guests "wot happen?" And more...

Limited Time Magic Menu

No Food and Wine Festival at DCA this year, so instead Disney is offering a special selection of food at various locations around the resort. They've invited celebrity chef Andrew Zimmerman to consult on the menus. If you don't know who Andrew Zimmerman is, he's the host of a television show called Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. He is also a James Beard Award winner. This award is similar to winning an Oscar for movies. Anyhow, he's been hired to create exotic dishes with a special emphasis on Global Cuisine. Since Andrew's show on Travel Channel takes him to remote destinations, they asked him to provide insight into authentic native cuisines from various countries all across the world. The dishes that will be offered are influenced by actual recipes he discovered during his travels.

Cafe Orleans and Blue Bayou – Mama Odie's Voodoo Gumbo and JuJu Fries (U.S. Cajun)

Chef's are creating a unique gumbo recipe that will include real alligator and possum meat. Both animals are indigenous to that area of the country, which makes this very unique. They're combining the alligator and possum meat with a wild boar italian sausage. It'll be created with standard gumbo ingredients such as tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, okra, garlic, and various cajun spices.

The JuJu Fries is actually Cajun Snake Fry. The snake meat is marinated in a mix of whole milk and garlic juice to remove the gamey flavor. Then it's seasoned with paprika, onion powder, ground cayenne pepper, and black pepper. The meat is finally coated with a blend of flour, rosemary, white pepper, and oregano before it goes into the deep fryer.

Rancho Del Zocalo – Three Caballeros Stew (Mexico + Latin America)

The stew is named Three Caballeros because it contains three different types of meat including beef tongue (lengua), tripe (like Menudo, it's cow's stomach lining) and iguana. Iguanas are considered a delicacy in Mexico and throughout Central and South America. It compares to chicken, but more tender. The three meats are cooked using a variety of ingredients including carrots, onions, tomatoes and cabbage. It will come with tortillas and a papaya salsa on the side.

Award Wieners – Iron Man Sausage (China and other parts of Asia)

In keeping with the traditions of creating hot dogs with a movie tie-in, Disney is developing a special concoction for Iron Man 3, which is set to be release May 3rd. It's a Blood Sausage made with pig's blood mixed with sweet rice, vermicelli, pork shoulder, and pork liver. Blood contains a lot of Iron, so that's how it got it's name. To go along with the food, they're also offering a drink called Mandarin's Mad Cocktail (Mandarin is Tony Stark's nemesis in the movie). The elixir is made with 3 parts Zinfandel red wine with 1 part pig's blood and topped with a frothy goat's milk foam.

Village Haus Restaurant – The Monstro Sandwich (Northern Europe)

Pinocchio and Geppeto get their revenge on Monstro the Whale. Disney will be releasing a limited time sandwich featuring Baked Whale on Focaccia Bread. The meat has been imported from Norway and is prepared with red wine, garlic, onions, salt and peppercorns. It's topped with a white wine vinaigrette and radicchio lettuce served on an herb-infused Focaccia Bread roll.

Bengal Barbecue – Indy Going Bananas (India)

The Bengal Barbecue will be offering a new dessert item on their menu. In honor of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, chef's have recreated the most iconic dish in the movie - Chilled Monkey Brains. They received special permission from the Anaheim Health Department to serve this specialty item. Because a monkey's diet consists of mostly fruits, the flesh is slightly on the sweet side. However, to enhance the sweetness further, they've included some native Indian delicacies like mango, lychee, and ambarella. Fried bananas will be served on the side.

Disney is going to be offering this Limited Time Menu beginning May 1st and it lasts throughout the entire month.

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