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In this episdoe we play Keep it, Improve it, or Ditch it (K.I.D.) with the Submarine Voyage. We also talk about Steakhouse 55 and it's new chef from Club 33. Plus Jae rescues Tommy and provides a Tip of the Week.


it’s a small world celebrates 50 years.

The 50th anniversary of “it’s a small world” was celebrated last friday. Part of the celebration included a Good Morning America taping, a google + Hangout with Richard Sherman, and a sing-along cavalcade.


Google+ Hangout with Richard Sherman

Disneyland - "it's a small world" 50th Anniversary Cavalcade with Richard Sherman

The Springtime Roundup is here.
The Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree is presenting The Springtime Roundup. The event features special treats, crafts, and performing arts shows. They have also brought in special rabbit meet and greets, including Roger Rabbit! The roundup will continue through April 20. Roger Rabbit is pretty rare so head on over.

Disney Brought back the Egg-Stravaganza this year. I was reading that last year it was only at DCA. But for 2014 it has been expanded to Disneyland. It’s a lot of fun and the map is $4.95

Chef Marcel St. Pierre is new head of Steakhouse 55 (used to be at Club 33)

Disneyland makes the DAS Card Valid for 60 days for Annual Passholders.


Keep it, Improve it, Ditch it Submarine Voyage

Tip of the Week. Ask the Cashier for FRESH candy at the Candy Palace


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