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The DisGeek crews discusses the Matterhorn.  Should we Keep it, Improve it, or Ditch it?  We also have the latest news coming out of the resort, and our Tip of the Week!

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Unleash the Villains, Disney’s Friday the 13th LTM happened this past friday.

And much like the 24 hour parties, this event was poorly planned for those who tried to get in. For those who did get in it was Hellish! According to reports, Disney has over one million passholders. They do this, on a nice warm friday night, with no blackout dates. What did they think only a few will show up? They ran out of the special food they advertised, they sold out on event shirts. They need to plan these things better!

Members Learn Details about Club 33’s Remodel - shares more details about the upcoming remodeling of the club. This week members have been given access to a preview center to learn about what will be changing.


GAC becomes DAS (Disabled Assistance System) Beginning Wed Oct 9th.

The Guest Assistance Card is being discontinued beginning Wed Oct 9th. People with disabilities will no longer to able to bypass people in lines. The new process will be as follows:

Guest with wheelchairs can wait in lines that can accommodate them. Like all rides in DCA. (I’m not clear how it works for non accessible rides.

Guests who are eligible for a DAS goes to City Hall and has their photo taken.

Once they have the Card guests will go to a Kiosk and get a time issued to them as to when they can ride the ride. Time will be based on the current wait time. Minus 10 or 15 minutes for travel time. So if a ride that is 90 minutes then their time stamp will be for 75 minutes after the stapm is issued.

Only the person who is photographed can be issued the timestamp. So they can’t transfer it.

Source: MiceChat

Thor: Treasures of Asgard Coming to Innoventions Nov 1st

We talked about Thor coming to Disneyland but we didn't know where. Now we do.

Feature: Keep it, Improve it, Ditch it. (KID) - The Matterhorn


Tip of the Week: Disneyland and DCA guide maps come in all different kind of languages!


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