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Daniel and Paul gets some sense knocked into them as they talk the 5 senses of Fantasyland.  


Disney Park Blog announces 4th of July Entertainment

Matt Ouimet Named President of Cedar Fair

Pan Pacific Tarps now Removed but ground work continues

Cast Member Previews going on for Goofy’s Sky School

New Characters Coming to DCA

ElecTRONica Extends to Spring 2012

All New LaserMan Show (LASERMAN: R3CONF1GUR3D!)

Disneyland Resort Price Increases


5 Senses of Disneyland (Sight, Sound, Smell,  Tastes, Feeling)


Tip of the Week w/ Tommy Pix







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Summer Season at the Disneyland Resort has officially begun with the Soundsational Summer promotion.  Of course this means the opening of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, The Little Mermaid: Arial's Undersea Adventure, Goofy’s Sky School, and Mickey’s Soundsational parade.  While Goofy’s is not quite ready for prime time yet, everything else is and we have seen it all.  So keep on listening and hear what we think of these new attractions.


Disneyland’s Wally Boag Dies at Age 90

Disneyland’s Betty Taylor at Age 91

Special Discounts for Southerns California Residents at Disneyland this Summer

New Updates Make Disneyland Hotel Better than Ever

E3 Microsoft Press Conference they announced “Disneyland Adventures” for Kinect

Mission Tortilla is Officially Closed.  Rumour has it that Ghirardelli’s (The Chocolate Company) will replace it. 

And of Course Star Tours, Little Mermaid, and Mickey Soundsational Parade now officially open.

Star Tours

On opening morning, the queue for the attraction stretched from the entrance of Tomorrowland, filled the central plaza and stretched down Main Street, U.S.A. Following the attraction's opening around noon, the line moved off Main Street, but still ranged between two to four hours throughout the day.

Little Mermaid

Also on Thursday, Disney officially opened the new Little Mermaid attraction in California Adventure. The event included a live performance by the voice of Ariel herself, Jodi Benson along with Sherie Rene Scott who portrays Ursula in Broadway's "The Little Mermaid" show. Also in attendance was the original voice of Ursula, actress Pat Carroll.

Following Thursday's grand opening, the rush to experience the new attraction was felt Friday morning as eager guests filled a massive extended queue that wound its way throughout Paradise Park, along Grizzly Trail and into the park's entryway, Sunshine Plaza.


Soundsational Summer is officially underway with Star Tours, Little Mermaid, and Mickey’s Soundsational parade now open.  We’ve seen it all and we will share our thoughts.

Paul Rode Star Tours again and Daniel got to ride 4 times.  Does the whole Multiple Destinations hold up?

Daniel and Paul's review of Little Mermaid - Arials Undersea Adventure.

Daniel and Pail’s review of Mickey Soundsational Parade.

Tip of the week with TommyPix. 

Places at the DL Resort to cool off


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Daniel and Paul talk Star Tours baby!  Plus latest stuff going on at the resort and parking tips from TommyPix.  Just don't ask Paul to take your photo. You've been warned. 


Disney Soft Opens Star Tours Friday - 

Lines were around the 2 hour mark and the queue extended throughout Tomorrowland and around the Plaza Inn and the end of Main Street.

World of Color added an expanded Pirates of the Caribbean Scene with with material for the new film.  It replaces the Chernabog sequence.

Seating Area and the Information Booth in Sunshine Plaza is completely gone as that area in DCA continue to Transform in Buena Vista Street.

Blue Sky Updates include New Posters for Grizzly River Run, Little Mermaid, and Goofys Sky School

Goofy Sky School Some Animated billboards have gone up

Seaside Souvenirs has a new signage, popcorn lights, and a blue and white awnings.

Corn Dog Castle Reopens

Little Mermaid Walls are now down and cast member previews begin.

Tarps go up at Golden Horseshoe.  Looks like the building. 

Over at Disney Gallery the Mary Blair exhibit we talked about last time is now open

BlackBeard now appears in Pirates

StarTrader Reopens with new look and new star wars merch

Feature (sort of)

Daniel’s Trip report that is a comedy of errors.

Paul’s Trip Report and Star Tours Review

Tip of the week

@Tommypix tell us where we can park it.

May the Force be with you!

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In this episode Paul and Daniel take a look at what's on the Drawing Board.  This time it's Carsland! We also visit the Main Street News Stand and as always our Tip of the Week.  Click MORE for full show notes.


Disneyland Closes some attractions due to Pirates Premiere -

The closed features are: Sailing Ship Columbia, Mark Twain Riverboat, Tom Sawyer’s Island, Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes and the Fantasmic! show. The attractions are set to reopen May 12.

Other Attractions shops closed in may are: 

DL - Star Tours, Splash Mountain, Star Trader store, Gadget's Go Coaster ride, Stage Door Cafe and The Golden Horseshoe restaurant.

DCA - Mulholland Madness (Reopening as Goofy’s Sky School), and crews are converting a dining and shopping complex in the Paradise Pier area, which is expected to open this summer


Disney sets up some new crowd control measures in Adventureland, NOS, and Frontierland due to pirate premiere.

The bridge over the Pirates of the Caribbean queue is divided for easier crowd flow.


Disney Blog gives us a look at Ariel’s Wedding Dress (probably to coincide with the Royal Wedding)


Soundsational Sneak Peak - Last week disney filmed a commercial for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and we got a little sneak peak of two floats


Mary Blair Tribute at Disney Gallery - The Art of Mary Blair celebrating 45 years of it’s a small world


Nighttime Entertainment Boosts DCA attendence


Marvel wants IN at Disneyland - “It’s the biggest dream of all” (keep dreaming)


Quick Hits

Main Street Building refurbishments done and look brand spanking new.

Tomorrowland Star Tours Neon now glow a purpleish blue to match the new marquee (used to be orange and red) Buzz has Purple and Green

The Star Tours Mural has been updated to include the Starspeeder 1000

Little Mermaid Marquee up (but covered) & Little mermaid building lights are now on at night (looks amazing)

In DTD Kitson Kids Closed (I never knew it was there!)

Celebrity Spotting in DL over the last few weeks: 

Matt Damon, Hugh Hefner and his wives (he was riding around in an old man scooter) Paris Hilton, Tom Brady



On The Drawing Board - Cars Land


Luigi's Flying Tires


Tip of the Week

Fireworks Viewing - @tommypix

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In this episode it's Us vs. Them Haunted Mansion style! We also visit the Main Street News Stand and as always our Tip of the Week.  Click MORE for full show notes.
Main Street Newsstand

Quick Hits 
RunDisney Announces Newest Race: Tinker Bell Half Marathon WTF do they name a foot-race after Tink!? She FLIES!!
Goofy Sky School opens June 3rd
Main Street refurbs continue.  Tarps are up that look like the buildings.
Star Trader got new paint - a purple blueish color and astronaut Micky survived! Shops re-open on May 4th
Over at Little Mermaid, the Scaffolding has been removed from the Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda.  A leftover from Golden Dreams. Revealing a new color scheme of tan, a kinda teal looking color. Doesn't really match little mermaid building so it will be interesting to see if this is going to be used for something different.  Maybe it’s not finished.
Maliboomer Park now open.  Some say it’s ugly, I say who cares it’s temporary 
Star Tours Scaffolding has come down revealing a interesting geometric design and dark purple color scheme.  The new Marque looks sweet!
Shanghi Disneyland officially breaks ground
Feature - Us Vs. Them
Haunted Mansion 
They Have:  Virtual Que, new anis of Hitchhiking Ghosts, New sequence at the end with the mirrors.
We Have: The Original, Haunted Mansion Holiday.
All Things Haunted Mansion -
Tip of the Week
Correction of Last weeks tip
Facebook tip 
Ashley Hodgson
A good Disneyland tip is the free coffee refills at The Market house near the middle of main street. They’ve been giving free coffee refills since 1955 because of Walt and to keep Walt's tradition alive they still continue it. 
Purchase a cup of coffee (regular, decaf, vanilla or hazelnut) and save your receipt. At other food venues, you can get free refills only as long as you’re continuing to dine at the location. You can’t come back later for free refills. That’s a unique deal at Market House only.
Ashley says: We make sure every time we go to Disneyland to get the coffee and it now has become a tradition. I am surprised how many people do not know about it so we love this tip. Keep up the great work on the podcast!!!
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In this episode we get all microscopic as Daniel and Paul pay tribute to Adventures Thru Innerspace.  We also visit the Main Street News Stand and as always our Tip of the Week.


DCA Animation Building screens reopen.
New scenes include: Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille, Lelo and Stitch, Up, Tangled, Cars.

Disney Jr. Reopens (With Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

Pirates Preview debuts

New Pirates Merchandise (outfits) on sale

Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides Premiere at DL on May 7

Hungry Bear Re-Opens with new menu


Quick Hits

In California Adventure, a new Cars 2 character meet-and-greet with Lightning McQueen and Mater has sprung up along the Cars Land construction walls near A Bug's Land. The Cars now appear here for photos instead of their former location in Condor Flats.

Over at Little Mermaid some new trees has appeared at the entrance to provie shade for guest as they wait in line.

In Tomorrowland  the Main Entrance to Innoventions is closed.  Guest scan now enter through a temporary entrance locaded the the exit ramp.

Feature (Graveyard)

Adventure Thru Inner Space


Tip of the Week

Very Quick tip.  All of the stores in Main Street are connected inside.  So if you want to exit (or enter) the park while a parade or fireworks are going on, just walk through the stores.

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In this episode, we talk D23 Member Mixer and Paul sees World of Color for the first time and wants to know what the devil is going on!  We also visit the Main Street Newsstand and as always our tip of the week.


Disneyland visitors can see an exclusive 3D movie clip of the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” film starting March 25

Disney Parks Blog post video about the impressive Ursula Anamatronic

Disney Teaming Toy Story Stars Tom Hanks And Tim Allen For 'Jungle Cruise'

Talking Mickey Tests Continue at ToonTown

New Stores Set to Open in Downtown Disney


Quick Hits: Names World of Color Best new Theme Park show of 2010 in their readers choice awards

DCA Removed the scaffolding off the little mermaid revealing the front of the building

Critter Country reopens although Splash Mountain and Hungry Bear restaurant remain closed

Over in Tomorrowland, walls are down around the new UFO Disney Vacation Club booth. Looks Cool.

Pan Pacific Auditorium Themed DCA Entrance has now gone vertical.

Disney Jr. Live on Stage Signage appears including new, “Disney Theatre” marquee signage



D23 2nd year anniversary Member Mixer & Paul seeing World of Color for the first time.


Tip of the Week

Viewing Fantasmic!

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In this episode, everything is Food Food Food! Daniel and Paul also visit the Main Street News Stand and go over the latest news, and as always, a very explosive tip of the week.


Carthy Circle Theatre will be a restaurant

Opening Dates for Ariel, Star Tours, and Soundsational!

Disneyland plans to change Fastpass rides

Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sams to Join Disneyland Hotel this spring

King Triton Statue has been placed atop Little Mermaid Building

FFW - Mardi Gras New Menu items



Disney Parks Blog Post - Our Favorite Dishes


Tip of the Week Viewing Disneyland Fireworks

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In this episode, our heroes's talk Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! Daniel and Paul also visit the Main Street News Stand and go over the latest news, and as always, our tip of the week.

Geocachers shut down Downtown Disney
Disney workers sue over identity-theft risk
New and Improved Haunted Mansion?
Disney guests to skip ride lines with new plan
Tom Staggs Transcript - PDF
Disney guests trade Gowalla coins for real ones

US vs THEM - Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Tip of the Week More iPhone aps

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In this episode, our heroes Kung Fu is better than Disneyland's Lunar New Year festival!  Daniel and Paul also visit the Main Street News Stand and go over the latest news, and as always, our tip of the week.  




Disney Jr. Opens on March 25th at DCA

elecTRONica extended through Labor Day

Disney’s Walk of Magical Memories to be discontinued

Stars of Star Tours

Star Tours Action Figures

Little Mermaid, Star Tours, and Mickey’s Soundational Parde pushed back to “summer”

Quadriplegic visitor sues Disney after stuck on ride

DCA Turns 10!

Animation Building Screens being redone.  

Screens are all Blue, and purple.  Says, “We’re Imagineering some animated changes!”


Tip of the Week

We got a message from Tommy and he expands on the tip of the week from last week and dining deals


Best DL Rides for Preschoolers


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